We love our customers!

23 Feb



The cold and flu season has been brutal this year and for the last two weeks it seems like at least one person was out every day.  Finally, this past Friday, everyone was feeling better and back to school, so we took the opportunity to finally take a group picture.   These 10 students have worked really hard this year learning brand new concepts and skills. Their hard work has made the Swanky Swine a great success.


One of our favorite things is getting to interact with all of the school’s students when they shop at the store.  While it wasn’t our primary goal, The Swanky Swine has given all of Woodlawn’s students the chance to practice their money math skills.  The employees often help the elementary students to figure out how much money they have to spend and what they can buy.  Our customers love the independence of picking out and paying for their own purchases.



The store is very popular with the students. They are constantly asking when we will be open or if we have any new items this week. Parents have even told us that their children will wake up in the morning and say “It’s Swanky Swine day!!”  The employees are really proud of our popularity and are excited to serve their fellow students.

DSC_0033 DSC_0041DSC_0039

This was our Wednesday crew before the shift started.  We had so many new items it was hard to fit them all on the cart! This week was one of the busiest in our short history but the employees handled it well.  They are starting to get more comfortable working and have really improved at serving our loyal customers.


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