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Making Change in Uganda

7 Feb

The Swanky Swine was created to “make change” in the lives of our students.

We believe that every person was created with a divine purpose and that each of us has the opportunity to “make change” wherever we happen to be.  We’re inspired by other individuals and organizations who work tirelessly and often sacrificially to transform lives.   We want to come alongside those people who are building bridges of hope out of hopeless situations.  We want to promote and support people who are “making change” all over the world.

We’ve donated some of our profits to help an orphanage in Thailand and a Cambodian orphan realize his dream to attend university. At this time, we’ve decided to give a portion of our store’s earnings to God’s Hope Primary School in Uganda.  You can read about this incredible organization and their mission below.  As we grow, we hope to support more non-profit organizations in different areas of the world.  We hope that this exercise will broaden our student’s worldview and teach them the importance of giving.

simone's kids

Making Change in Uganda

In 2010, a young woman named Simone heard about a school for orphans in Uganda that was about to shut it’s doors and immediately got involved. Simone knew that if no one stepped in, the students would no longer be able to receive the life changing opportunity to attend school.  In America, we are lucky that all children are provided an education regardless of their family’s economic situation. However, in many countries this is not the case.  In Uganda, without assistance, orphaned and poverty stricken children would never have the opportunity to learn to read or write.  Simone decided to do whatever she could to help this school keep it’s doors open. It was this commitment that birthed her organization, Simone’s kids.(

According to the Simone’s kids website, God’s Hope Primary school is a place “where poverty stricken children can receive an elite and valuable education.”

new school in uganda1795363_10152216512534444_378732198_o

“We are opening the minds of children that have been handed nothing in life. We are providing beyond a child’s basic needs of food, water, education and love. We are providing children with the ability to see their world as an opportunity. We operate a school for 300 children, and are currently building somewhere for that school to take place. We also have plans to build homes for the children that have no where to live.”

Our donation will help build a new school for these special children. We are proud to give to an organization whose heart and mission so closely mirror our own.  Simone’s Kids is truly making change in Uganda as they educate and empower these beautiful children.